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FiberNorth, Inc. was created to fill a void.  There are no complete network companies in Northern Michigan that can do it all.  Our founders, Bill Gaylord and Rocky Deater have such a broad knowledge, that they did not want to be limited by just one aspect of networking.  Rocky has a background in excavating and the physical portions of networks, while Bill has a background in the programming of networks, design of networks and tower climbing.  With these things in mind, we have created FiberNorth.

Underground:  FiberNorth uses its state of the art directional drill, its state of the art of plow to bury conduit along the roads or anywhere else.  This same equipment can be used for water lines, electric lines, sewer lines or just about anything else that needs to be buried over a distance.  Though this equipment creates less ground damage than any other technique, it is also the fastest and in many instances the most cost effective.

Installation:  FiberNorth has a state of the art fiber optic blower to install fiber optics faster with less damage into microduct or normal duct at distances measured in miles if need be.  We also have the ability to install duct indoors and install that same fiber into that duct using fish tape or pull string methods as well.

Utility Location:  FiberNorth owns its own utility locating equipment better than most MISSDIG contractors, locating anything that can carry an electrical signal with very high accuracy.  Then when we really need to be sure where a utility is, we have a Vacuum Excavating Trailer to vacuum dirt to find utility lines without damage.

Fiber Optic Splicing:  We have multiple fiber optic fusion splicers, testers, and meters to repair, install, or test fiber optic lines of all types, in all situations.

Microwave Links:  With a two and a half decades of tower climbing experience and even more experience in wireless between Rocky and Bill, we install anything wireless.  From simple Wifi routers, to powerful, licensed microwave links that cover 25+ miles and carry over 1Gbps of data.

Network Design, troubleshooting, and repair:  With 15+ years of network engineering experience, we will help you with our networking issues, big and small, inside and out.

Light Excavating:  Since we have all the equipment to run utilites, we also have all the equipment for an assortment of small jobs.  We drill lines in for water wells and septic pump up systems.  FiberNorth is also very good at moving water and working to grade.  We have been known to help with drainage systems around buildings to help prevent water from penetrating the building.

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